RMA policy shop.gigabyte.eu

In case a product you have purchased from shop.gigabyte.eu needs service or repair GIGABYTE offers RMA service to repair or replace your product. Please refer to our general RMA policy below and our warranty policy here.

In case your product does not work correctly within 5 days of receiving your product the product could be entitled to our Dead On Arrival (DOA) policy. Please refer to our general and DOA policy below.

In case your product has been repaired for over 3 times your product could be entitled to our Swap policy. Please refer to our general and Swap policy below.

DOA (Dead on Arrival) Policy

When the customer receives a product that does not work correctly, this will be regarded as DOA (Dead on Arrival) and the customer should immediately notify shop.gigabyte.eu RMA center upon receipt of the products.

If the product develops a fault (except those due to willful damage or customer misuse) within 5 days after receiving the product the customer should inform shop.gigabyte.eu RMA center by filling out a complete RMA request form and selecting DOA request after which our RMA center will provide you with an RMA number and details on how to return the product.

To limit the processing time and speed up the process of understanding the root cause of the damage, the product must be returned within 5 days after the customer has received the RMA number. The product must be returned in its original condition. For a product that has been accepted as a DOA request by our RMA center we will replace the product with a similar new product at no charge including round-trip shipping costs.

DOA conditions

  • All DOA returns must be shipped back in its original condition. 
  • The DOA return item must be not assembly, configuration and must include all enclosed accessories and hardware parts in the original packaging. 
  • Any changes to the original product and the DOA request item will automatically be voided of warranty. 

RMA Swap Policy

When the RMA repair is over 3 times and still cannot be fixed and resolve all issues, GIGABYTE will replace the customer's product.

The replacement product could be either the same product (may be new or refurbished one) or similar product, which meets customer’s functional requirement, if customer has accepted and agreed.

When the customer must have the replacement product soon, the defective product will be replaced with either a repaired or refurbished product with similar functions. 

General RMA conditions

If your GIGABYTE product needs service or repair, you can use our Online Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) service located here.


In case our RMA engineers have questions, please make sure your contact information is up-to-date so we can quickly contact you and solve any issue with your request.


Items that need to be returned must be correctly packaged with ESD protected packaging and MUST be originally sold by GIGA-BYTE TECHNOLOGY B.V., shop.gigabyte.eu.


GIGABYTE RMA center will only issue a RMA number if the Online RMA request form is completely filled out. Each request must contain a copy of the original purchase invoice. Incomplete requests will cause delayed or even deny of the RMA requests.


To make sure our RMA engineers understand the issue, please provide a detailed error/fault description (preferable in English). This will help to debug the problem and prevent your product from being returned without any repair.


Once GIGABYTE receives all requested information, our RMA center will provide the customer with an RMA return number and instructions on how to send back the products.


Do not return the defective product until you have received an RMA return number. GIGABYTE reserves the right to refuse shipments that do not have an RMA return number. If the customer sends the defective product without the RMA return number shown on the outside of the package, it will be returned to the customer.


All returned products will be tested by GIGABYTE professional technicians to check and verify the reported defects by the customer. When the defect is not able to be duplicated or re-established, the customer is responsible to pay the testing and freight fee for NDF (No-Defect Found) products shipped.


Non-EU customers should allow for additional delivery time due to customs clearance. Please do not send RMA return products back to GIGABYTE unless instructed by shop.gigabyte.eu RMA center by email.


When claims are raised for loss or damage during delivery/transportation these must be made to the carrier/forwarder by the customer.

The customer must be fully insured for the return shipment, and hire a forwarder/carrier who is able to provide the customer with Waybill, POD (proof of delivery) for insurance claim coverage when damage or loss.


GIGABYTE shall not be responsible for any lost or damaged data, software or other materials stored or built on the Product. GIGABYTE strongly recommends that customers maintain a complete data backup and disaster recovery plan.


The customer needs to provide GIGABYTE with a tracking number of the parcel once the return item is shipped. GIGABYTE needs 7-10 business working days to receive, process your return. You will be notified once we have processed the returned product(s).

Upon receiving the returned item, the return conditions will apply.


The customer needs to backup settings, software, and data in any storage devices by themselves before sending the goods back to GIGABYTE. GIGABYTE is not able to provide a backup service or be liable for any loss or corruption of data. GIGABYTE liability is limited to the price of the goods.


For RMA status and inquiries, please contact shop.gigabyte.eu RMA center.


General note

  • Items under warranty are repaired free of charge, provided they have not been misused. Repairs will be made by GIGABYTE or by the original manufacturer. The repair costs are composed of testing, repair expenses and material costs.
  • If the inspection of the device is No Fault Found (NFF), No Trouble Found (NTF) or No Defect Found (NDF), we will charge you an inspection fee of euro 100 regardless of in warranty or out of warranty of the device. The freight for sending you back No Fault Found item will be charged at our regular rates.
  • The general term of payment for repair bills is 14 days. 

General Exclusions

  • The failure caused by improper installation, operation, cleaning or maintenance, accidental and physical damage, misuse, abuse, or other modification, remedy not taken by GIGABYTE or RMA centers not authorized by GIGABYTE.
  • The product Serial Number has been damaged, altered, defaced, or removed. Damage caused by illegal/illegitimate software or virus.
  • There is damage caused by accident, natural disaster, intentional or accidental misuse, abuse, neglect or improper maintenance, or use under abnormal conditions.
  • Extreme environment factors including extreme temperature or humidity, extreme physical stress or electrical interference, fluctuation or surges of electrical power, lightning, static electricity, etc.
  • Damage caused by not using the provided manufacturers AC adapter and battery; Damage from use of materials, equipment not manufactured by GIGABYTE.
  • Rectification of software faults or updating BIOS is not covered by warranty.
  • If any obvious user damage on the exterior, it will no longer be covered by the warranty.
  • If the manufacturing sticker inside the product was removed or damaged, it would no longer be covered by the warranty.
  • Products with no GIGABYTE labels or serial numbers, or if the serial number does not match the product or cannot be identified, warranty and after-sale services will not be provided. If there is a need for maintenance, please contact the original purchasing store for help. Replacement or removal of genuine serial number sticker on the product will break the warranty.

Limitation of Liability

  • In no event shall GIGABYTE be liable to you or any third party for direct, indirect, consequential, special, incidental, punitive or exemplary damages, costs, expenses, or losses, including assets loss arising out of the use of the Product, including, not limited to, property damage, loss of value of the Product or any third party products that are used in or with the Product, even if when GIGABYTE has been notified or informed of the possibility of such damages.
  • GIGABYTE does not accept liability beyond the remedies set for herein, including but not limited to any liabilities for a product not being available for use, loss of profits, loss of business, or for lost, corrupted, or compromised data or software or the provision of services. GIGABYTE is not liable or responsible for any amount of damages above the amount you paid for the purchased Product.
  • GIGABYTE has no liability for any damage or destruction to consumer electronics devices or other personal property that is in or connected to the Products, including, but not limited to, laptops, tablets, smartphones or other devices, or any loss of data contained in the foregoing devices.
  • Notwithstanding any damages that you might incur for any reason whatsoever (including, without limitation, all damages referenced herein and all direct or general damages in contract, (including negligence) or otherwise), the entire liability of GIGABYTE shall be limited to the amount actually paid by you for the Product.