Online Technical Support / FAE Request Form

NOTE: We only provide technical support for products sold on this website. For consumer products please visit:

GIGABYTE provides Technical/FAE support to its customers for products which have been purchased from

To help provide the best possible support to our customer we ask you to fill out the support from as precisely and completely as possible including a detailed error description to speed up the support request. The support request must also include a copy of the product invoice. Failure to do so can result in delay of response or in some cases denial of request.

Once the customer has submitted the form our support team will issue a technical support ticket number via email to which the customer can reference this support request. The customer should always use this ticket number to communicate to our support center.

The first job of GIGABYTE Technical Support & FAE Team is to gather the customer's information and to determine the customer's issue by analyzing the symptoms and figuring out the underlying problem. When analyzing the symptoms, it is important for the technician to identify what the customer is trying to accomplish so that time is not wasted on "attempting to solve a symptom instead of a problem.

Once identification of the underlying problem is established, the GIGABYTE engineer can begin sorting through the possible solutions available. This includes troubleshooting methods such as verifying physical layer issues, uninstalling/reinstalling basic software applications, verification of proper hardware and software set up, and assistance with navigating around application menus.

NOTE: We only provide support for products sold on this website. For consumer products please visit:

Please provide a detail support request.
Please include a copy of the invoice