GIGABYTE Introduces new servers with AmpereOne

Consistent, scalable, and secure platform with up to 192 cores

October 16, 2023 – GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376): Giga Computing, a subsidiary of GIGABYTE and an industry leader in high-performance servers, server motherboards, and workstations, today announced four new GIGABYTE R-series servers for the AmpereOne™ Family of processors for Cloud Native computing where high compute density per rack and power-efficiency matter.

For Cloud Native computing, hyperscalers or cloud service providers (CSPs) rely on predictable high-performance, scalable infrastructure, and power efficient nodes. GIGABYTE servers running on the AmpereOne™ Family of processors achieve those expectations, but this is not the first time GIGABYTE has worked with Ampere Computing. The partnership first started in 2020 with the launch of the Ampere® Altra® platform. And this new family of AmpereOne processors will not supersede the Ampere Altra platform, rather it is an extension of what Arm architecture is capable of by Ampere Computing. For instance, the CPU core count goes beyond 128 cores in Ampere Altra to 136-192 cores in AmpereOne for new levels of performance and VM density. On top of that, the private L2 cache per core has doubled and there is support for DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen5.

“In support of Arm architecture and Cloud Native platforms, we will continue to work with Ampere Computing to develop solutions, with the latest being the AmpereOne™ family of processors. And we have already started discussions to support future processor developments,” said Vincent Wang, Sales Vice President at Giga Computing. “We have worked closely with Ampere Computing to create optimized GIGABYTE solutions with consistent performance and impressive efficiency, and it shows in the versatility of these new offerings.”

“With the addition of AmpereOne™ to GIGABYTE R-series servers, we can deliver even more compute density per rack to bring the highest performance at the lowest power,” said Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer at Ampere. “Building on GIGABYTE’s Ampere® Altra® offerings, customers now have a wide range of Ampere-based options to meet all of their Cloud Native compute needs.”

Pairing the AmpereOne platform with GIGABYTE servers is a natural fit, and GIGABYTE has single and dual socket options in both the 1U and 2U form factor. The expansiveness of the larger 2U servers (R283-P93 & R263-P33) allows support for multiple dual-slot GPUs, while having additional expansion slots for networking, AI inference cards, and other off-chip devices. The 1U servers (R183-P92 & R163-P32) are CPU compute dense with support for SSDs using NVMe, SATA, or SAS protocols.

To meet a wide variety of customer needs, these new GIGABYTE servers support the following Operating Systems: RHEL 9.0, Fedora-36, Oracle 9.0, Ubuntu 22.04, and Debian 11.

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