Industrial Motherboards

Server motherboards for demanding applications come in form factors: EEB/E-ATX/ATX/microATX/mini-ITX. A single socket or dual socket motherboard is available for AMD EPYC 7002 and 7001, and Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

Embedded Systems

Waterproof and dustproof capabilities, M12 I/O connections, air tight rugged enclosure, and wide range of operating temperature, for harsh conditions such as in chemical, food and beverage factory.

Global Service

GIGABYTE has Service centers all over the world, providing global service for customers.

Fast and Flexible

GIGABYTE is a self manufacturer, which makes us extremely flexible and fast responding with customers' demands. 

Ultra Durable Quality

Quality components make quality products, GIGABYTE uses Ultra Durable components, making our products steady and solid.

Embedded Systems


GIGAIPC offers fanless, compact sizes and rich I/O interfaces to be installed and integrated into applications in space-limited environment. It provides features of low power and high performance to ensure stability and functionality of heavy-duty solutions.